Our policies are the nuts and bolts in all that we do to enable us to deliver quality content to you!

Below you will find various policies relating to the activities carried out by 17 Miles from Bedlam.

Terms and Conditions of Use

About this policy

If you decide to upload or provide content to 17 Miles from Bedlam, you will have read and agree to our terms of use below. If you have any questions or are unsure about any of the information below, please check our Frequently Asked Questions and contact us if required prior to uploading or providing us with any content.


Creating and uploading a profile

  • Over 16’s only, please. If you are under 16, only a parent or guardian can create your profile or upload content on your behalf. When providing content for anyone under the age of 16, this must be indicated on the uploader form
  • You must inform us if you are signed to a label or management company when uploading content and creating your profile in the relevant field on the uploader form.
  • Please ensure that all information is both accurate and up to date. To find out how we use your data, please see the relevant ‘privacy notice’ and ‘data protection’ policies.
  • Should you no longer wish to share your content with 17 Miles from Bedlam, please delete the content and your profile via your dashboard.

Supplying us with a profile image

  • As part of your profile creation, you will be asked to provide a profile photo.
  • A profile image should be made available to 17 Miles from Bedlam. This should be an image that 17 Miles from Bedlam can use for as long as is required. By uploading a profile image, you accept that 17 Miles from Bedlam can use it anywhere in the world in any medium (for example, TV, internet (including social media channels) without a photographer’s credit.
  • By uploading a profile image, you accept that 17 Miles from Bedlam can edit and use your image for the purpose of promoting you as an artist on FlipSide HQ as a brand.

Uploading content

  • The work should be your own, and you must have permission (the rights) to the content. If uploading for a minor, we need to see that the work is their own.
  • Explicit language may limit our use of the content as the format of the show is Pre-Watershed. Also, we ask that you do not promote commercial brands unless they are your own.
  • By accepting these terms, you give your permission for 17 Miles from Bedlam to Edit, store, host and distribute the content you upload to our server and/or provide to 17 Miles from Bedlam.
  • By accepting these terms, you give permission to 17 Miles from Bedlam to promote you as a brand on our website or network and other social media sites.
  • We hope to use the content you upload but unfortunately cannot guarantee this.
  • We retain the right to remove content at our discretion.