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View our most frequently asked questions below. If you cannot find an answer to your question please use the contact form and get in touch. We’d be happy to help.

What is 17 Miles from Bedlam?

17 Miles from Bedlam is an independent digital creative arts magazine giving a platform for new, up and coming and established artists to showcase their work in a regular multi media magazine to help give airplay and gain more attention and exposure to a wider audience.

How many files can I upload?

We would be grateful if you could keep the initial uploads to a maximum of 3 files or provide 3 URL’s to an external site (Youtube,Vimeo, WeTransfer etc.), these can be added to later, however it would help us with our initial media choices if we do not receive your catalogue.

What is the Uploader?

The Uploader allows you to upload your own content to 17 Miles from Bedlam. You can either provide this by:

  • using our upload tool, or
  • providing links to external video websites (Youtube, Vimeo etc), or
  • providing a link to a downloadable file via sites such as WeTransfer.

How can I use the Uploader?

To use the uploader, you must have an account on 17 Miles from Bedlam. Please register for an account here to login and taken to your dashboard where you will find a link to the uploader.

When uploading content, or providing URL’s to content, you should ensure that you complete all required fields on the uploader form.

Artists under the age of 16

Under 16’s should not upload or provide details of content. A guardian, family member, teacher or carer must upload on behalf of anyone under 16 and therefore they will need to create an account and use their email address for all communication between 17 Miles from Bedlam and the account holder. They will also need to agree to the Terms and Conditions of the 17 Miles from Bedlam Uploader as the “artist” on your behalf and to have the rights and permissions in place to agree to the terms and conditions set out.

What are the terms of use?

You can find all of our policies here: https://17mfb/about/policies/

When I submit media to you, does that mean you own it?

No. When you agree to the terms and conditions, and provide us with content, you are not signing over any ownership rights. Though you do accept the terms and conditions as set out regarding the use of your content by 17 Miles from Bedlam.

Will my content be used on 17 Miles from Bedlam

Our goal at 17 Miles from Bedlam is to showcase as much of the material as possible across multiple platforms to give maximum exposure to our artists.  We hope to use it on podcasts and other mediums to reach a wider audience 

Should you be chosen to record a session with 17 Miles from Bedlam, it will be made available to you and possibly on the 17 Miles from Bedlam website for people to watch.

Is this exclusive to the UK?

No, we are happy to collect media from any creative who wants to share, obviously we expect the greater majority of content from UK artists.

Why does 17 Miles from Bedlam want so much information?

You can give as much or as little as you wish to share. Obviously the more you send to us, the better we understand you and your art form, which will help us decide whether your content will fit in to the format of our shows.

If I upload an image, how will you use it ?

Your image will not be published unless to promote your appearances on shows.  It will be used to promote you as an artist or 17 Miles from Bedlam as a brand.

Please see the terms of use for further information.

Can I upload content with swearing or explicit graphic imagery?

Explicit language or content may limit our use of the material as the format of the show is Pre Watershed. However we may use this content in another show format.

Is there a limit to the size of file I can upload?

Yes – each file you upload must be less than 128MB in size. We are happy to accept larger files via WeTransfer, please add the URL of your WeTransfer files in the relevant field on the uploader.

Please refer to our guides on how to upload content via WeTransfer.

What file types can I upload?

The Uploader can accept the following file types:

  • MP4
  • WAV
  • AVI
  • MOV
  • MP3
  • JPG
  • PNG

Remember, your media may end up being played on 17 Miles from Bedlam, so try to send the highest quality files you can. The bit rate of your tracks should be 192kbps stereo or higher – ideally, 320kbps – at Constant Bit Rate (CBR).

Can I create more than one profile for the same artist?

One artist may have multiple profiles in the case of being involved in more than one project. Project profiles should not be duplicated. Please note that duplicate project profiles may be deleted.

Can I send you my content on YouTube / Soundcloud / Spotify / etc.?

Yes, please include your links in the relevant fields when submitting content.

I am trying to upload content but it keeps failing – what can I do?

Is the file you’re trying to upload larger than our current limit? We recommend using a service such as WeTransfer and including the relevant link to your files in the relevant field.