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Using WeTransfer to upload large files

New to WeTransfer? Use our handy guide below to find out how to send us your files via WeTranfer.

Step 1

Access WeTransfer at https://wetransfer.com/ and select the ‘+’ to add your files.

You should include all files (up to 2GB) that you wish to provide to 17 Miles from Bedlam.

Step 2

Once added, your files will be shown as can be seen in the image. You can continue to select the ‘+’ to include further files.

Step 3

Now that you have added all files, select the settings icon as shown in the image.

Step 4

Select that you wish to ‘get a transfer link’ rather than send the file.

Step 5

Use the button that states ‘Get link’ to access your unique link for these files.

Step 6

If all was done correctly, your file(s) should now be uploading.

Step 7

When complete, you should see a link appear for your file(s). Simply select ‘Copy Link’.

Step 8

Now that you have the link copied for your file(s) you can simply include this on the ‘Uploader’.

For multiple links, please separate them with a comma when completing the form.

You do not need to upload files directly to us if you have provided your files via WeTransfer.